General terms and conditions
Article 1: Definitions
  • Environment: and any other application designated by Hypeboost.
  • Platform: The environment where third parties offer products to users and agreements are established.
  • User: Anyone who uses
  • Seller: A third party that offers products via the platform.
  • Customer: A User of the Environment who purchases a product via the Platform.
  • Purchase Agreement: The agreement established between the seller and buyer via the Hypeboost platform, with Hypeboost acting as an intermediary.
Article 2: Identity

Hypeboost B.V.
Chamber of Commerce number: 83381562

Article 3: Customer Account
  • To use, the user must have an account and a valid email address.
  • When registering an account, you must provide your real information. It is not allowed to provide a false name or age. If you do, your account may be blocked or deleted.
  • It is not allowed to choose a racist or offensive username. If this occurs, Hypeboost is authorized to block the user.
  • The customer is responsible for choosing a secure password. Hypeboost recommends a strong password for optimal security.
  • It is not allowed to allow third parties to offer a product through your account.
  • The customer is responsible for providing correct and valid information.
  • Hypeboost is authorized to block or delete accounts and will judge this if necessary.
  • The customer declares to act according to Hypeboost's conditions and other applicable rules and regulations.
Article 4: Purchase
  • The customer acknowledges that the Purchase Agreement is established between the customer and the seller, with Hypeboost only acting as an intermediary. The agreement is established as soon as the customer purchases the product offered by the seller.
  • If the customer has questions about the delivered product, they should contact Hypeboost.
  • Product images displayed on Hypeboost may differ slightly from the actual product due to display settings on your device; colors and other aspects may appear differently in reality.
Article 5: Sale
  • The seller is responsible for entering the correct payout information. Hypeboost is not liable for errors in this information.
  • Shipping from countries other than the registered country in the Hypeboost seller account is strictly prohibited.
  • When products are sold via Hypeboost, the seller must adhere to all set rules.
  • The seller remains the owner during the sales process.
  • The seller may only sell items for which no VAT has been reclaimed.
Article 6: DAC7 Obligations

According to the DAC7 directive, we as a platform are required to annually provide certain sales data to the tax authorities. The key points are:

  • Reporting Obligation: We must collect and report information about sellers who sell via our platform.
  • Reportable Sellers:
    • EU taxpayers who sell via our platform.
  • Minimum Threshold: Sellers with fewer than 30 transactions or total annual sales of less than €2,000 are exempt from reporting.

This data must be reported annually by January 31 for the previous calendar year. Sellers who do not provide the required information after two reminders may have their accounts closed or payments suspended.

Article 7: Authentication
  • Hypeboost can reject products if they do not meet the specified requirements: damage-free, unworn, and authentic. Products must be delivered in the original, damage-free packaging with all accompanying items.
  • If payment for the return shipment of a rejected product is not made in a timely manner, Hypeboost is authorized to destroy the item and payment for the product cannot be claimed.
Article 8: Returns
  • Products cannot be returned. Dissatisfied customers can resell the product via
  • Returns are possible in the following cases:
    • Wrong size delivered, and Hypeboost cannot prove that the correct product was delivered.
    • Wrong product delivered, and Hypeboost cannot prove that the correct product was delivered.
  • In these cases, the shipping costs are for Hypeboost.
  • Returns must be made within 14 working days. After this period, Hypeboost is not obliged to accept the products. For the delivery of a wrong product, the return costs are for Hypeboost, which determines if a product was wrongly delivered. If Hypeboost does not acknowledge their mistake, returns are not obligatory.
Article 9: Use of Data
  • The customer should monitor their email carefully to receive information sent by Hypeboost in a timely manner.
  • The customer agrees that their address, email address, and payment details are provided to Hypeboost.
  • Hypeboost is only entitled to use the customer's data as far as necessary for handling and executing the Purchase Agreement.
Article 10: Counterfeiting and Fraud
  • Hypeboost only accepts completely unworn, authentic, and damage-free products. For counterfeit products or products that do not meet the standards, Hypeboost charges €20. Hypeboost determines at its sole discretion whether a product meets the standards.
Article 11: Contact between Hypeboost and User
  • By accepting the terms and conditions, the user agrees that Hypeboost may store and retain contact information for a period of 2 years. Hypeboost is only responsible for communication via the indicated contact options on the website.
Article 12: Applicable Law
  • The private sales conditions and private seller status are exclusively derived from Dutch law. Any disputes will be submitted to the Dutch court.
Article 13: Miscellaneous
  • It is forbidden to act in the name of the company. If someone does, Hypeboost is fully exempted from liability.
  • Hypeboost is authorized to amend the sales agreement and terms and conditions at any time. However, these will only apply from the moment the changes are implemented.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions, Hypeboost is authorized to contact you by email about the use of the platform, offers, or other information.
  • Hypeboost is entitled at any time to no longer make functionalities available for the offerings of sellers on the Hypeboost website.
Article 14: Stripe
  • Payment processing for sellers on Hypeboost is provided by Stripe, under the Stripe Connected Account Agreement, which includes the Stripe Terms of Service.
  • By agreeing to these terms or continuing to sell on Hypeboost, you agree to be bound by the Stripe Services Agreement, which may be modified by Stripe from time to time.
  • As a condition of selling on this platform, you agree to provide accurate and complete information about yourself and your business to Hypeboost and Stripe, and you authorize Hypeboost to share transaction information with Stripe.
Article 15: Cancellation Fees
  • Hypeboost charges a fee of €20 for each canceled sale.
  • The seller agrees that Hypeboost may deduct any applicable cancellation fees from scheduled payouts, in accordance with the cancellation policy.
  • The seller authorizes Hypeboost to charge the registered credit card for fees related to the cancellation policy, without the need for a 3D-secure code.