Who are we?

We are a band of sneakerheads with a passion for quality authentic shoes.

As fellow sneaker enthusiasts, we can relate to all the problems you have to deal with when buying sneakers. More often than not, we have to cling to “aftermarkets” to get what we want. A platform with a reliable authenticity checker is therefore needed in the sneaker community. Our goal is to make the buying experience of authentic sneakers in the aftermarket 100% safe for people like us. We have been in the sneaker industry for years and wanted a way to solve this pressing problem, so we launched a European platform where both buyers and sellers collaborate to build not just a marketplace, but a strong sneakerhead community. And this will not stop with shoes alone. We also plan on expanding the selection and touch on streetwear, electronics, watches, and more.

Why pick Hypeboost?

How are we different from fellow sneaker enthusiasts who are also running their own platform?

  • User-friendly buying and selling
We have a long list of what the ideal sneaker aftermarket should look like. And aside from the operation that is fast and concise, what we value the most is how you experience our platform. Ask most of our clients and you will find out how we are different in terms of customer experience. And that is because we have paid special attention to how you will experience our platform right from day one. When we finally cracked the code to the best user experience, it became second nature in every interaction you will have with Hypeboost.
  • Fast response time customer service
Yes, we place a lot of our efforts on making sure every pair of sneakers listed and sold on our platform is authentic. But that does not mean we do not give attention to after sales support. Our dedicated team of chat support is available to help you with any concerns about your experience with the platform from Monday to Saturday. We have supports who are Dutch and English speakers who are ready to respond to you within 60 minutes. No question is too big or too small. Ask away and we are here to help.
  • Lowest authentication and reseller fee
So we already have a smooth running platform and optimal customer support nailed down. The next on the list of things that set us apart is the pricing of the goods. With an operational fee of €15 and a seller fee of only 8,5%, we are confident to say that we are the most affordable professional sneaker platform in the world!
  • Reliable and secure
We take care of our clients the way we take care of our shoes. And as a fellow sneakerhead, you know we never let anything bad happen to our lovely pair of Jordans. Trusting us with your personal data is a challenge we are more than willing to take. All your personal data is safe with Hypeboost and will be stored with utmost confidentiality. Payments and withdrawals are processed through multiple 100% secured systems. We invested in prime security and it was worth it! We are confident to say that our servers are very resistant to attacks. Personal data of our clients are stored and guarded with a 100% leak-proof guarantee. We love the idea of anything sneakers, but this does not mean we compromise on the buying and selling experience you will have with Hypeboost!


We’re letting you in on the secret sauce behind our brand!

Checking a sneaker for authenticity can be a tedious obligation. And as sneakerheads turned entrepreneurs, we are proud to say that we know more than the average enthusiast. One touch of the material, one look at the design, and we can tell if a sneaker is legit. Our authenticity managers follow strict guidelines and undergo extensive training before being put on the field. Aside from checking for authenticity, we also make sure we understand what each pair of sneakers has gone through. We take the time to understand if a pair of shoes are worn, in mint condition, comes with the original box, and everything in between. Yes, the original box! We love ‘em! This allows us to place a guarantee that every pair of sneakers sold on our platform will come with the original box, new, and in a condition you will love to display inside a case. Each pair will go through a strict authentication process when they arrive and an approval tag with a signature of the authenticity manager will be placed when they’re ready.

Every item sold on Hypeboost is rated on the following points:

• Colour and Shape
• Material and Structure
• Sole
• Label and Tag
• Smell

Quality assurance
• SKU and Size
• Right and Left
• Sneaker new condition
• Original box condition
• Accessories


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